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Koei Company’s "Crimson Sea" fantasy/strategy game for Xbox to be released in early November 2002.

In May of 2002, Voicegroup completed production on the original American version of Koei Company’s highly anticipated fantasy game, "Crimson Sea". The game will be released for the Xbox platform in early November of 2002. Koei chose Voicegroup for the "Crimson Sea" project based upon our successful collaboration in dubbing one of Koei’s previous games, Kessen II.

Voicegroup worked closely with Koei Company throughout the voice recording process to localize the game for the American market. The script, which was originally developed and written in Japanese, first had to be translated and then double-checked for accuracy. Once the translation was locked down, our team of writers modified the dialogue to give it a more youthful American flavor. The final version of the English script was then taken piece by piece and inserted into Voicegroup’s proprietary recording grid, which allows the script to be sorted and organized in a variety of ways, and is a tremendous aid during the recording process.
Meanwhile, Voicegroup was also busy casting the American voice actors from our team of seasoned, professional voiceover artists. With Koei’s approval of the voices, the actors were booked for their respective recording sessions. Voicegroup’s own renowned voice director Charles de Vries guided the recording sessions. After a full week of recording, the voiceover portion was completed right on schedule. After a nice wrap dinner, the Koei contingent, which had flown to Los Angeles for the recording sessions, headed home, very pleased with the results. Of course, Koei still had a long road ahead before the final version of the game would be completed, but thanks to Voicegroup, they now had one less headache to worry about.

The entire production was coordinated by Voicegroup producer Jim MacNeill.

Learn more about Koei Company by visiting their Website.
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