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Voicegroup completes recording of latest game in Koei’s successful Dynasty Warriors series.

On 12/31/02, Voicegroup put the finishing touches on voice recording for Koei’s Dynasty Warriors 4, the latest in the highly successful Dynasty Warriors series of games from Koei. Director Doug Stone and producer Jim MacNeill worked together to cast voice actors for the more than 50 characters in the game.

Koei Company’s "Crimson Sea" fantasy/strategy game for Xbox to be released in early November 2002.

In May of 2002, Voicegroup completed production on the original American version of Koei Company’s highly anticipated fantasy game, "Crimson Sea". The game will be released for the Xbox platform in early November of 2002. Koei chose Voicegroup for the "Crimson Sea" project based upon our successful collaboration in dubbing one of Koei’s previous games, Kessen II.

Electronic Arts and Voicegroup complete voiceover work on "Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead", add-on pack for the "Allied Assault" PC game.

The Medal of Honor series of games by Electronic Arts (EA) continue to be one of the most successful series of games ever developed, with the original "Medal of Honor" and follow ups Underground, Frontline, and Allied Assault. The newest member of the series, Allied Assault Spearhead (MOHAAS), offered as an add-on to Allied Assault, is sure to keep the ball rolling. Voicegroup is proud to be EA’s choice for voiceover recording for all the games in this acclaimed series.
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