At Voicegroup, our localization services include voice production for original American as well as foreign versions of video games. Sometimes, an American developer requires several languages in a game, as for the Medal of Honor series for DreamWorks (EA), and Splinter Cell for Ubisoft. We also localize original American versions of games that were developed in other countries, as for Koei Co. Ltd. Japan. A few times, we followed up by localizing various foreign versions of the same title. 

•• Localization is a broad term to describe the process of adapting a product seamlessly to a specific national and cultural environment. Anytime a product is offered to a foreign market, it must first undergo some form of localization. For most media and entertainment products, depending upon the scope of the project, localization includes some or all of the following services: Production, translation, adaptation, subtitling, casting, and recording, which includes voiceover, dubbing and ADR.


 Because of Hollywood we have access to celebrities and the best domestic and foreign-born actors, writers, and directors. Our voice actors "sweeten" regularly top grossing Hollywood movies like TITANIC, GLADIATOR or SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, and our foreign teams have a proven track record of 100% authenticity. This is why we provide the voices for some of the best movies and video games ever produced. Most of our voice productions are in American English, but we also offer German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and other languages.

Los Angeles has more recording studios than any other city in the world, which gives us the choice and flexibility to design the right top-quality and state-of-the-art production for a project of any size, scope and budget.

For most of our productions, we provide the entire localization solution. This incorporates all of our professional services: Production and casting, translation and adaptation, directing, editing, mixing, sampling, and delivery in any format. Of course, quality control and authenticity are of paramount importance during each step of the production process.

Today, a simultaneous release in all major languages is often the key to combat the "gray market". Voicegroup offers "one-stop shopping" to pool all resources, meet all schedules, and optimize quality control. We have direct access to the best technology, studios, talent…..and prices. We are proud to be the leaders in our field.
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